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Cooking healthily is obviously one of the routes to eating healthy and one of the main pathways to living healthy. We know you may not exactly have a grip on how to cook healthy at home, (I have certainly struggled with it in the past) so I’m going to share some insights on the things to keep in mind while cooking healthy at home, and how to search out a healthy place when eating out.

#1 Use More Fresh Foods

Always endeavor to use fresh foods as often as possible. This is because fresh and un-canned foods are more often than not preservative-free and they carry more nutritional value. Using them will give you first-hand freshness both in taste and nutrition and also help rid your system of chemicals used in the preservation of foods.

#2 Refrigerate All Unfinished Foods

If you don’t have to refrigerate something after opening it, do you really want to eat it? Refrigeration is chemical free and it seems most of our world is not. If you have some vegetables, milk or meat left, put it in the fridge right when you finish. Do not let them languish around for too long. This is both for sanitary reasons and for preserving taste in your foods.

#3 Wash and Clean Thoroughly Before Use

We know your kitchen may be water, dust and dirt proof. But that shouldn’t stop you from cleaning up every utensil before use. NEVER forget to clean up before use and always remember to rinse your cooking utensils after using them.

#4 Wash Before Chopping

You know you need to wash your vegetables thoroughly before chopping (if you didn’t… you do now) BUT you should also avoid washing them after you’ve chopped them up. This helps to retain nutrients and flavor. Plus, it’s not a problem when you keep everything clean! Remember, you can never be too careful in keeping things clean and in keeping the taste.

How to Eat Out Healthily

You can easily spot a good place by their menu. What do they serve? Does it include calorie count? Is the environment comfortable to eat in or are there tables untended? This will help you get a restaurant with good cooking habits, because their habits in the kitchen will most likely be reflected in their dining rooms.

The Chow Public Market and Eatery wants to help you eat healthy, both here at our home and in yours. We open May 21, 2018. We look forward to seeing you at our home.