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When it comes to the difference between these two frozen treats, quality of the ingredients and texture are everything!

I once belonged to the group of ‘Come on, it’s just the name, they are basically the same.” But no, they are far from the same

It All About the Texture

Ice cream tends to have a fatty and soft texture. It is often made of ingredients that have absorbed air and water that are later iced or frozen solid. As such, ice cream often turns out soft, and less silky than gelato and it is most likely to melt earlier than gelato in a side-by-side comparison.

Gelato, on the other hand, is a “fancier,” richer and denser frozen treat. Gelato is also silkier and is best served at a temperature slightly higher than that of usual ice cream. This composition results in a base that takes longer to melt.

It’s Crunchy and Sharp v. Milky and Creamy

If you have ever had the two, you’ll be able to testify that ice cream tastes significantly different from gelato. Ice cream is “crunchier” than an average gelato. Ice cream is also chillier and it gives a better cold and satisfying taste. Gelato, on the other hand, is milkier, smoother and easier to churn around in your mouth. Oh yes, I said that.

How magical these tastes seem to you will be largely dependent on your preferences. But you will find that a fine Gelato like the kind sold in the Chow Public Market and Eatery will be the best thing you have ever tasted…. no matter what your preferences are.

Egg ‘in’ Ice Cream and ‘Out’ in Gelato

Ice cream is mostly milk, cream, sugar and egg yolk. These ingredients are cooked into a dense custard-like mixture, allowed to cool and then churned fast in order to allow it absorb air. This allows the mixture to increase in size with relatively ”little” ingredients added and it gives our conventional ice creams that fat and fluffy taste we are all so familiar with. Gelato, however, has a slightly different recipe and mode of preparation. It features even MORE milk and much less cream and sometimes, eggs are even excluded. Gelatos are churned at a slower rate, which makes it absorb less air and results in its extremely dense and deep texture.

Overall, Gelato is the frozen treat of choice, and Gelato 21 at the Chow Public Market and Eatery is the best of the best. Besides…. Humans like gelato. Robots like ice cream. Be a human.