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That’s a good question, what exactly is a “Public Market and Eatery?”

Owner and Operator, Nicholas Jones, has an answer for this:

A public market isn’t a completely new concept. In fact, the majority of major cities around the US have them. But it’s a new concept for Boise.

Just to name a few… Reading Terminal in Philadelphia, Pike Place in Seattle and Chelsea Market in New York City. Perhaps you’ve even had the chance to visit one in another part of the world such as Montreal, Florence or Old Delhi.

Each public market is a unique reflection of the city it is placed in. It is designed to be a destination for local patrons looking for a place to relax and engage with friends, business associate and new faces. If the public market is a true public market, it also becomes a hub for those passing through the community, a true hub of commerce, community and involvement.

This unique purpose is where the Chow Public Market and Eatery comes into the picture. It’s different than a local farmer market or chain franchise. The Chow Public Market and Eatery is focused on connecting people and providing a place where people can come relax, drink and eat. You can even do a little shopping for high quality local goods while you’re there.

So what makes the Chow Public Market and Eatery unique? It’s our focus on local food options exclusive to Boise and connecting people with a sense of discovery. When it opens May 2018, the Chow Public Market and Eatery will be the only all locally owned and customer centric market of its kind and size in the United States.

We are waiting with bated breath to open the Chow Public Market and Eatery. It can’t come soon enough!

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